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Marijuana in Kentucky is illegal for both medical and recreational use. The state tries to push for legal medical marijuana in Kentucky, but they have not had much luck.

Marijuana Legalization in Kentucky

In 2015, an effort was made to make medical marijuana legal. The anti-cannabis National Marijuana Initiative and the Kentucky Baptist Convention defeated the bills that were rooting for marijuana legalization in Kentucky.

marijuana legalization in Kentucky

Legal Medical Marijuana in Kentucky for 2020?

Although recreational marijuana may not be legal in Kentucky for a while, medical marijuana may be. In February 2020, a medical marijuana bill was approved by the Kentucky House of Representatives. Although this is good news, COVID-19 delays this process. So, we might see legal medical weed within Kentucky in the future. With that, make sure to talk to a marijuana licensing consultant if the market is of interest to you.

The Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana can help those with painful medical problems. This is why it is important for Kentucky to legalize the use. As featured in LouisvilleFuture, Pritesh Kumar, a cannabinoid research scientist for Quantum 9, strongly believes that marijuana is a medicine. Quantum 9’s marijuana licensing consultants also believe in the many benefits that medical marijuana offers.

With that, Kumar also believes that marijuana needs regulation. In other words, medical marijuana needs to be taken seriously. So, Kumar does not think that growing at home is the answer to growing the plant. He believes that people should only get their marijuana products from licensed dispensaries.

Quality is very important when it comes to medical weed. With that, a lot of people need these products to help them with serious pain. This is why we hope to see some sort of marijuana legalization in Kentucky in the future.

Since legal medical marijuana in Kentucky may be on its way, it’s important to think about the opportunity with licenses for these dispensaries. Lastly, our marijuana licensing consultants help give information about licenses for all sorts of marijuana businesses. For more information about cannabis consulting click here.

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