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Marijuana Software and Quantum 9

As featured in PR NewsWire, Quantum 9 partners with ArchitectNow. ArchitectNow is a technology implementation and development firm for the Oregon Liquor Control Board Seed to Sale System Request for Proposal. The marijuana consultants at Quantum 9 are excited for this partnership as it is led by Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Kevin Grossnicklous. They know that this marijuana software will be a success.

Quantum 9 is one of the largest and well-rounded cannabis consulting firms. They have experience in a wide array of marijuana projects. Only a few marijuana consulting firms have the tools that Quantum 9 has. They are experts in marijuana technology as well as marijuana consulting. The marijuana consultants at Quantum 9 have a 90.12 percent success rate. All of these factors make the marijuana consultant team at Quantum 9 ideal for the OLCC.

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What is Seed to Sale?

The marijuana consultants at Quantum 9 are excited to bring ArchitectNow into the Seed to Sale projects. To begin with, seed to sale software helps marijuana travel through the supply chain. So, it is a very important part of the marijuana business. With that, the marijuana consultants at Quantum 9 want to work with the best of the best. So, they chose Atlas as their main marijuana software platform.

Also, seed to sale software helps marijuana businesses keep their licenses. The marijuana business is very regulated, so this kind of software helps the businesses stay on track. For example, specific marijuana activities have to be done in specific settings. So, growing, drying, trimming, and packaging are all done separately. Marijuana software helps keeps the information on track.

In conclusion, not every cannabis company may need a seed-to-sale software. Although it is not a necessity, our marijuana consultants at Quantum 9 find software for marijuana to be important for the company. With that, Quantum 9 always makes sure to use top-of-the-line technology. To learn more about how Quantum 9 can help you click here.

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